Fursuit walk [Gorky Park]

Helloy every one.
Now i write reports about Fursuit walk ...
Which was  15.01.2012
Announcement and venue:
[Photo report will be accompanied by a large number of photos and a brief comment to him]

13 PM stand, waiting time:

Photograph beautiful balloons:

Still waiting ...

14  PM 
they still do not, have a street cool ...

Entrance to the park with big letters:

Much time has passed and here they all come:

The weather was not  wonderful and we have chosen a good place to take pictures:

Already on arrival

Waiting all fursuiters:

Photography looked like, photography took place from different perspectives :

Further follow photoset,
will be a lot of patience tothem all look:

Now close each individually  photo shoot :


Look at me ...

Hey , what's happen?

Fox ...  =(

Cute couple  ^_^

Aww ^.^

Photographer foxie 0_0

Fed 5 detected !

Foxie, what are you doing?

Nooooooo !!!

Fox read a magic spell:

Aww, looks like cute !




After a while we went on a wooden plane:

Big ball :

On chain :

*Paws palm*

- Foxie are you fine,  leopard, immediately come here , now !!!

- He's not breathing ...
- What to do?
 -Remains the only artificial respiration...

- Sad , ohhh D'oh ...
- We lost him ...

*Kidding , all ok!
*Deep breath* Naughty fox ^_~

And now, muzzle many photos...


Wolfy :


Group photo: 

Thanks all attention.
With you was ...

P.s (Watch the mirror  or click )


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  • admin
    admin posted on 01/22/2012 22:59:56

    Прогулка длилась примерно 2 часа.

  • lycon
    lycon posted on 01/22/2012 22:24:07

    Сколько по времени длилась прогулка?

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