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 Aqua_man, also ☆Aqua_man aka Fox (Birth. 22 april 1987 year — Russian furry, Fox. Nick name is derived from it's core hobby — "Dolphins  & Fursuiting" In the given hobby has started to be engaged since 2005. Very like dolphins . Visited the event ❤ "Rusfurrence 2010" ❤, where he organized enent «Furfuit photoshoot» together with a professional photographer: Sinkau.

Fuchs working:

✔ In 2005 г. Began career with:   waiter"

✔ In 2006-2009 г. Worked It outsourcing in computer firm.

✔ In 2008 по 2010 г. met  a girl ♀  whish has been together 1.5 year. But due to circumstances they went ...

Aqua_man live  in Russian Federation, city Moscow, worked system administrator в insurance company. Maintains and support the smooth operation of office plankton one, approximately 65 users. At present the company is engaged not only voluntary, health insurance and was opened on 06/09/2010 with division of property insurance, VIP insurance.

In July 2010 Fox finished university and defend diploma to specialty "Lawyer". Combining the two professions Lawyer aka Sysyem Admin, he does not have to be bored.

Like occupation Aqua_man — professional photography, image processing ,collecting  furry-art, fursuits, music-video edit.

Thanks to Steele create an exact copy furry-character on individual refference, sew in order FuRsUiT

In the nature, Aqua_man aka Fox moderately sociable, calm. I don't play in computer games, preferring to deal with real life. 


His life  is not without Aqua_man friends and socializing, like to unpredictable actions and be in the attention.This is his particularity .  ツ

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