Fursuit walk [Park switzerland 04.08.2012

Fursuit walk [Park Switzerland 04.08.2012]


Hi all , another i write  a new photo reports, which was in the park "Switzerland"

All the necessary infornmation, was placed on the "board" - aka Vk.com.

We gathered at the main entrance to the park. Everyone waited approximately   hour.
who wish to come and unsubscribe to the topic.

Having found a small place (outsider from people) put on  a suit..

Among the fursuiters were:







Weather and forest:

Then ,went to the side of the field:

Doing small group photo:

Fursuiters need more some sports:

So what, who is the greatest ?

I know answer:

D'oh, forget results , sorry =( :

The weather was comfortable. Ash a little breeze:

Another, little group photo:

Aww, i love this couple ^_^

Around us there was were a walk few people:

Many photographers was at the walk:

Weather is very warm, not hot:

So ..

Very hot:

Awww, is it not ?

Gonna to walk:

Doings a simple cute photo:

My lovely, darling shepherd-dog   ^.^

Together at the picture:

And finally doing a photo, couple:

All participants thank all for the strength and endurance:

In particular, Spiri to taken fotoset. Skip for support. and water.
And everyone else who participated in the involved walk.
For the duration of walking is not so much , approximately ~ 35-40 minutes.

Not to say that this weather was very hot, I would tolerate.
At least to me. probably due to the fact that I was one thermal underwear.

See you soon ...

In next Fursuit walk. 

See ya ...

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