Russian Furry Conference 2012 [Photo video materials]

Here I a little also was released. To undertake all finished shooting material, it was necessary to press about 2 day all stuff.

Photos it is a lot of material, itselfamazing when has sufficed for all this time. All material removed in RAW duplicating JPG.

On final date of all a photo and video of a content I shall notify, how all I shall make and I shall be more less free on time.

For now:

Group photo of participants R.F.C. 2012

Discuss the events


10.02.2012    3:00 АМ

Has filled in video from the first fursuit games, to look:

Update 12.02.2012    1.19 AM

Add all photo from Russian Furry Conference: 1,2,3,4,5 days watch below:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 3 [Crop]

Day 4

Day 4 [Crop]

Day 5


Update 18.02.2012    5.19 AM 

Now, i add new video from : Fursuits game & Disco .
Next part video read in description.

Update 19.02.2012    3.38 AM 

And another  i add new full video from final disco.Watch below.

Update 19.02.2012    23.00   PM

Photos from: "Abysim"

R.F.C 2012 All day by Abysim  [Clear edition] ©

R.F.C 2012 All day by Abysim [Clear edition] ©

661 Photo

Photos from: "Avik"

R.F.C 2012 All day by Avik ©

R.F.C 2012 All day by Avik ©

273 Photo


All materials from  "Rusfurrence 2012",  you can download  from FTP Server : 

  • IP:
  • Login:          furry
  • Password:   fursuit

Preview photo and video

Update 20.02.2012   1.57 AM 

Add play list,  for view all files in one list:

Fursuit games, R.F.C. 2012 [Fish eye edition] All in one

Play all


Rusfurrence 2012 First Disco by Avallah & Aqua_man all in one

Play all


Fursuit Disco II , Russian Furry Conference 2012 all in one.

Play all
Update 22.02.2012   21.35 РM 


Update 23.02.2012  18.03 РM 

Recorded on video a small portion of the video group photo.


Update 26.02.2012  01.15 AM 

Add video from official closed R.F.C.2012 Fire works:


Thanks for attention.

Read report  in russian language.
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